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Engaging Parents in Music Education

Music Teachers: Engage Students and Parents in a Powerful Learning Platform

Legato helps Music Teachers engage students, automatically involve parents and make learning fun!


How it Works

Teachers add students to Legato, track and reward progress while keeping parents involved!

Add students to Legato, set goals, determine practice routines, and make assignments. Students earn badges when they complete goals and parents can watch progress in the student portal


When Students complete goals, receive awards, or complete their practicing, parents can receive notifications.

Teachers help students setup practice routines and performance goals. Students use the portal to check off practice accomplishments and earn badges!

Teachers can better track and manage student progress and individual lesson plans with

 Legato's student management tools.

Music Teachers can signup for a free Legato account that  allows you to get the feel for how Legato  enhances music learning, helps students stay on task, while keeping parents involved and aware of your student's progress.


Manage students, gamify learning, increase accountability and more!  


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