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Legato Features

We are focused on the features that add the most value to your efforts to engage students and help them be successful! Below are six of the top features the Legato offers. Don't hesitate to create your free Account to get a closer look at all that Legato offers! 

Student Management

Teachers begin by adding students to Legato. The students and their parents create accounts linked to the Teacher's account. The calendar tracks lesson times and the progress tracker records the sessions and time a student has spent practicing. 

Manage Student.png

Goals, Badges, and Practice Tracking


As students progress toward goals, teachers can add extra motivation and fun by awarding badges to students that appear in their account portal. Teachers can set and give "star points" to students based on their efforts, which turn into badges and automatic messages to parents promoting the student's progress.

Notifications & Accountability

Using Legato, teachers give their students ability to track progress and record practice time. Teachers can see the practice records in real time and best of all, practice records, awards, and goal completion can be automatically sent to parents to keep them involved in their student's progress.


Mobile App

Legato is ready and usable on all your devices. The website works great in phone and tablet browsers. And students and parents can add the iOS or Android app to their phones for the best student portal experience! 

Mobile Tools.png



Teachers can send broadcast messages to all students or individually to each student through Legato's built messaging system. The messaging service is a great way to provide specific encouragement and/or general instruction to all of your students in one easy messaging tool. 

Individualized Lesson Plans


Legato allows Teachers to make assignments to individual students resulting in their own individualized lesson plan. In addition teachers can use the software to jointly set goals and  setup sub-goals that lead to learning success.  

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